By the end of 2018, all the received cases were submitted and since then is continuously launching all the damage claims from our contracting clients at the court.

There is no date yet for the first trial. As reported about it before, the courts are overwhelmed. Each stage of the litigation adds to the length and complexity of the process. But what is most important for us is making sure that your case is competently prepared for trial.

Thousands of people are already claiming refunds. has already 13.653 cases claimed, worth of €189.612.864.

Each case has the potential of being very complex and stressful without the assistance of an experienced legal counsel. Representing yourself without an attorney could end disastrously for your case. We will guide you throughout the truck refund claim process from start to finish. The manufacturers can use tactics to stymie our efforts. Big truckmakers are typically international corporations represented by international law firms and have an unfair advantage over consumers.

The potential pitfalls are navigated daily as we represent our clients and their claims. If the deadlines and requirements are ignored, your claim could be over before it truly begins. Even minor details can make or break a claim. The manufacturers know our lawyers' reputations for exceptional legal work.


Once your case is successful in court, the fees will be claimed from the truck manufacturer. This means you as a client pay nothing out of pocket. You literally have nothing to lose by consulting with us and everything to gain.


2020 continues to prove to be a victorious year for’s clients.
We will continue to fight for you to receive fair compensation and thank you for all your support.

Written by Nóra Kemény


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