In June 2017 Bild am Sonntag reported that German rail giant Deutsche Bahn was to bring a multi-million Euro damage claim against the EU Truck Cartel.


Two months later Welt reported that Deutsche Bahn was looking to represent third parties damaged by the truck cartel in a follow-up claim against the manufacturers.

In December 2017 Deutsche Bahn, the German army and 40 companies filed a joint damages claim against members of the EU Truck Cartel.


In September 2019 experts in competition and economics determined the total cost of damages due, estimating that the lawsuit covered purchases of more than EUR 2 billion in total.


It was established that DB and the other major customers, overpaid for their trucks by more than half a billion Euros including interest. Deutsche Bahn AG and the German Army are amongst other entities are suing the cartel in Munich. The claimants had around 27,000 purchases and leases amounting to approximately EUR 13,500 damage per truck.


In 2016 and 2017, the European Commission imposed fines totaling almost EUR 4 billion. Many companies had already filed for damages even before the last cartel member, was fined by the Commission.


Written by Annamaria Harrison


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