Hauliers have borne a lot of burdens and extra taxes, but the current situation has made doing business much more difficult for them. Their day-to-day operations are adversely affected by the economic downturn, the closure of stores and factories, as well as quarantines and lockdowns.

But what about compensation claims?

While the jurisdiction is suspended indefinitely in many countries, German courts continue to operate. However, not at full capacity, as several restrictions came in force there recently. Lawyers, judges and court staff work in shifts, one third at a time. Work continues through a fully functional electronic system and compensation claims are submitted this way, too.

We have also switched to home office mostly, but still working full time. We have just opened our first customer service office in Hungary.

Although it is not the best time with everything that is going on, but it shows that we have belief in our strategy for the future.

Unfortunately, the epidemiological situation changes from day to day, so until the courts operate, we will forward and file for all damages cases promptly to ensure that if all legal activity is stopped then it would not cause a delay in the compensation process for our clients.

If you also have unleashed capacitydue to slowdown in your daily business, it is worth taking action in the compensation cases now, as claims submitted before the end of April are expected to facilitate payments of the refunds 2 years faster.

All you have to do is look for the invoices or leasing contracts for the affected vehicles and we will take care of the rest with the accelerated process. Everything can be managed by e-mail or on phone, only the contracts need to be posted.

So it is worth taking steps now, because you can win 1,5-2 years with it.

Claim your compensation now!

Written by Lilla Mátrai


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