We are present in 32 countries in Europe and are proud to handle claims for tens of thousands of trucks owned by thousands of clients.

Not only do our clients receive a unique internal identification number, but we also keep a record of each truck individually for the sake of traceability.

That being said, with us all the damage claims that meet the basic criteria (type, weight, date of purchase or lease, price, necessary documents) will be filed to the court without any delays.

With this detailed record, we can guarantee to provide our clients with accurate information about each specific truck even after many years. There is a continuous and definite tracking of claims sent to court, truck by truck.

This is important to our clients not only because of the traceability, but also because they can be sure that none of their affected trucks will be lost among the high number of claims, as we handle all of them individually with their own identification numbers.

Written by Lilla Mátrai


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