'Our group' - Our Cartel
The investigation of the European Commission found that the first meeting between senior managers of truck producers took place right there in Brussels, in January 1997. This date has marked the beginning of a 14 year period.

The executives of the truck-makers met regularly. For the first few years of the cartel, these meetings involved senior managers only, from the companies' head offices. From 2004 onward the cartel was organized at a lower level, at the truck producers' subsidiaries in Germany.

Scania - which is specialized in producing heavy trucks over 16 tonnes - was an active member of the cartel and was responsible for organizing some of the meetings. For example, one of the invitations for a meeting sent by Scania openly stated their purpose. It read: "An exchange of information should always be the basis of our meeting and therefore I expect from every member of our group a proper preparation."


"Our group" here really means "our cartel". A properly organized one.


The European Commission has found that Scania and the other members broke EU antitrust rules. It colluded for 14 years with other truck manufacturers on truck pricing and on passing on the costs of new technologies to meet stricter emission rules.

In July 2016, the Commission reached a settlement decision concerning the trucks cartel with MAN, DAF, Daimler, Iveco, and Volvo/Renault. Scania decided not to settle this cartel case with the Commission, unlike the other participants in the cartel.


The Commission has imposed a fine of EUR 880 million on Scania, EUR 670 million on Volvo/Renault, EUR 1 billion on Daimler, EUR 494 million on Iveco and EUR 752 million on DAF.


Written by Zsuzsa Pálházy-Nagy


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