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One of these important questions is why the client has to sign a Cession Agreement, who will be entitled to claim compensation from the truck manufacturers.


If you start the claiming process with us, all the costs will be covered by Iulius Paulus GmbH & Co., the investor. As the process takes several years, during this period the investor finances all the costs of the process with tens of millions of euros and takes the full financial risk.

Practically, the only guarantee for this investment is the Cession Agreement. Otherwise, there is no investor in the market, who will be willing to take this business risk and finance this process for years.


However, this does not mean that the amount paid by the manufacturers will be paid directly to Iulius Paulus GmbH & Co. After the successful process this amount will be put into the lawyer's escrow account and not into the account of Iulius Paulus GmbH & Co.


Only the law firm can access the money on the escrow account under the conditions signed in the contract. This means that the law firm will transfer your agreed share to your bank account and the agreed share of the investor to their bank account.
This way you are fully assured that you will receive your money and also that Iulius Paulus GmbH & Co. will not be able to access the full amount and will only receive the agreed amount.

Written by Nóra Kemény


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