has witnessed a significant increase in truck-cartel damage cases from around Europe and beyond.

We at offer a range of services for damage claims concerning the truck-cartel in 32 countries. We can handle your case whether your supplier is based in the European Union or elsewhere. only litigates with truck manufacturers, not dealers and we take each case to the Munich District Court in Germany, not your local court. Manufacturers often attempt to take advantage of their customers' lack of experience but our services provide professional legal expertise to protect your rights and recover all that the law provides for you.

Culture and conditions across Europe vary by country and place of jurisdiction, our expert knowledge of European territories allows us to offer an unmatched personalized damage-claim service.


We take each case individually even if it is only one truck and we represent buyers from all parts of Europe wherever they are based.


Being a professional service provider, understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your case is our top priority, and our lawyers know how to obtain the best-individualized possible results. Our team proactively fights for your rights to ensure that you get maximum compensation. is dedicated to quality, we strive to provide the best possible legal service that offers you optimal protection.


Written by Nóra Kemény


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