We have always emphasized that collective claims are not feasible in the case of Truck Cartel compensations. The opinion of our experts have been confirmed by the latest court decision.

The Regional Court of Munich dismissed a claim of hundreds of millions of euros based on formal grounds on February 7, 2020.

The claim was filed for by Financialright on behalf of more than 3000 truck-owners in a so-called class action lawsuit.

Judge Gesa Lutz, who has rendered the verdict, on February 7, 2020 declared in the Handelsblatt that individual claims were trying to be handled together by a refinancing company in a class-action lawsuit and the rejection judgment was based on this.

The decision is not binding yet but definitely paints a picture of the expected attitude of the court.

Representatives of Financialright have indicated that they would like to continue the lawsuit.

We have earlier alerted everyone concerned that joining a class action lawsuit poses enormous risks in the complicated and lengthy procedures of the Truck Cartel claims.

While looking at the Truck Cartel Cases so far, it is clear that courts are open to individual claims and tend to decide in favor of the plaintiffs.

The court's decision in this case also confirms that TruckRefunds.com and our German Law Firm is following the right strategy.

We will continue to handle all claims individually because we are convinced that this is the only right way.

Our offer provides our clients with all the benefits of individual claims while they do not need to bear any costs beforehand.

We take the whole risk since we only charge a commission if the refund is successful.

Based on positive court rulings, now you can claim a refund for new or used trucks purchased between 2015 and 2016 as well.

Start a risk-free refund for your trucks purchased between 1997 and 2016!



* Source: Münchner Gericht weist Schadenersatzklage gegen Lkw-Kartell ab (Handelsblatt, Montag, 10. Februar 2020;

Written by Gábor Balatoni


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