Mon, Nov 4

Deutsche Bahn AG claims EUR 500 million

In June 2017 Bild am Sonntag reported that German rail giant Deutsche Bahn was to bring a multi-million Euro damage claim against the EU Truck Cartel.

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Thu, Oct 24

Who are we suing?

We Are Suing the Truck Manufacturers.

Suing a truck manufacturer does not impact your business relationship with your truck dealer in any way.

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Thu, Oct 10

Why is the process so slow?

Well known fact now that processing Truck Cartel damage claims can take several years.
But why does it take so long and why is it worth the wait?


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Thu, Oct 10

Extent of damage - the catch in the case

Whereas it may be easy to determine the fate of Truck Cartel members held liable for damages, given the final decision made by the European Commission it is not easy to determine the extent of the damage they caused.

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Wed, Aug 7

Claims issued at the German court

Retailers and logistics companies across Europe have been lining up to sue truck makers in countries including Spain, Germany, Ireland, and the UK.


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Mon, Jul 22

Why experts are important FOR A TRUCK OWNER?

Refund claim cases should be simple enough, and they are if the trucks in question were bought straight from truck manufacturers in one of the listed countries within the specified period.

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Tue, May 14

Don't opt for quick fix

Joining a class action might seem to be a good choice and less expensive at first glance, but the outcome of recent rulings has shown this to be a rather risky way of claiming for damages.


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Wed, Mar 20

What is the best way to claim compensation?

Following rulings by the European Commission, damage claims have been initiated throughout Europe by companies who have suffered damages at the hands of the Truck Cartel.


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Thu, Jan 31

Potential claimants – numbers on the rise

In 2011 the European Commission restored fair trade across Europe when they ended the 14 year long Truck Cartel Period.


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Mon, Jan 14

Employees of the cartel member companies

Company policies and training are different from one another. But usually, every company educates its employees to deliver their best at all times and to continuously meet the demands of the market.

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