Truck Cartel Refunds – What is the status in February 2020?

The Truck Cartel was first exposed to potential victims in 2016 when the European Commission completed the formal investigation condemning the truck manufacturers and imposing a EUR 2.93 billion fine on them for conducting a secret price agreement.

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We were right. Collective claims simply don't work.

We have always emphasized that collective claims are not feasible in the case of Truck Cartel compensations. The opinion of our experts have been confirmed by the latest court decision.

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Claim refund for trucks purchased in 2015 and 2016!

The (price-fixing) Truck Cartel lasted for 14 years from 17 January 1997 until 18 January 2011 and was only revealed years later in 2014.

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Why it is important to sign a Cession Agreement?

The team at is always ready to answer all the important client's questions in the most accurate way.


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2020 here we are …

By the end of 2018, all the received cases were submitted and since then is continuously launching all the damage claims from our contracting clients at the court.

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Individual client and truck record

We are present in 32 countries in Europe and are proud to handle claims for tens of thousands of trucks owned by thousands of clients.

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We are at home in Europe has witnessed a significant increase in truck-cartel damage cases from around Europe and beyond.

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Deutsche Bahn AG claims EUR 500 million

In June 2017 Bild am Sonntag reported that German rail giant Deutsche Bahn was to bring a multi-million Euro damage claim against the EU Truck Cartel.


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Who are we suing?

We Are Suing the Truck Manufacturers.

Suing a truck manufacturer does not impact your business relationship with your truck dealer in any way.

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Why is the process so slow?

It is a well known fact now that processing Truck Cartel damage claims can take several years.
But why does it take so long and why is it worth the wait?


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