Overcharged truck tolls on German roads

On 28 October 2020, Europe's top court ruled that tolls on heavy goods vehicles using German roads were overcharged. Contrary to EU law, the costs of the traffic police were also included in the fee.

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The chronological history of the Truck Cartel

The (price-fixing) Truck Cartel lasted for 14 years from 17 January 1997 until 18 January 2011 and was only revealed to the public years later in 2014. These are the most important stages and events of its history:

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How does the coronavirus affect our claims and our business?

Hauliers have borne a lot of burdens and extra taxes, but the current situation has made doing business much more difficult for them. Their day-to-day operations are adversely affected by the economic downturn, the closure of stores and factories, as well as quarantines and lockdowns.

But what about compensation claims?

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Truck Cartel Refunds – Where are we in June, 2020?

So far there have been more than 50 judgments made in favour of the claimants in the famous Truck Cartel price fixing case in Germany.

There are already 2 completely successful judgements:

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Truck Cartel Refunds – What is the status in February 2020?

The Truck Cartel was first exposed to potential victims in 2016 when the European Commission completed the formal investigation condemning the truck manufacturers and imposing a EUR 2.93 billion fine on them for conducting a secret price agreement.

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Claim refund for trucks purchased in 2015 and 2016!

The (price-fixing) Truck Cartel lasted for 14 years from 17 January 1997 until 18 January 2011 and was only revealed years later in 2014.

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Why it is important to sign a Cession Agreement?

The team at TruckRefunds.com is always ready to answer all the important client's questions in the most accurate way.


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2020 here we are …

By the end of 2018, all the received cases were submitted and since then Truckrefunds.com is continuously launching all the damage claims from our contracting clients at the court.

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European Commission - Press release, Brussels, 19 July 2016

The European Commission found that MAN, Volvo/Renault, Daimler, Iveco, and DAF broke EU antitrust rules. These truck makers colluded for 14 years on truck pricing and on passing on the costs of compliance with stricter emission rules.

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Individual client and truck record

We are present in 32 countries in Europe and are proud to handle claims for tens of thousands of trucks owned by thousands of clients.

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